How to care for: Ponytail palm (Beaucarnea)

Known for its unique appearance, the Beaucarnea recurvata plant, also known as Ponytail Palm, is an indoor tree. It is quite easy to take care of. The best thing about its trunk is that the plant stores water in it. Like some kind of sponge. And something else that is interesting about this plant is that it isn't a palm tree, even though it looks like one. It actually is a succulent.

Medium light

Water once a week


Extra nutrition is not necessary

Non-Toxic to pets

Repot every 3 years

How do you take care of a Beaucarnea?

The best location for Beaucarnea plants

The Beaucarnea likes to be placed in a spot with lots of light. It is best to place the plant in medium bright light. The Beaucarnea prefers a spot next to a window on the west or east. A spot near the north probably has too little light. If a Beaucarnea gets too little sunlight, the plant will not die, but not flourish either. Avoid placing this plant in direct sunlight as that can cause damage to its leaves.

Watering the Beaucarnea

The Beaucarnea is a drought-friendly plant, since the stem stores water. This is why the Beaucarnea can still survive if left unwatered for a while, making this plant very easy to take care of. During the summertime, the Beaucarnea recurvata or Ponytail Palm should be watered once every week. However they don't need a lot of water.


Repotting the Beaucarnea is not necessary every year. The plant is a slow grower. We recommend repotting the Beaucarnea every 2-3 years. Repotting the plant gives it new nutrients and more room for root growth. The airier soil is also very good for the water flowing through. The best period to repot is spring.

Plant nutrition

The Beaucarnea is not such a big consumer of energy. As a result, the plant doesn't need extra nutrients. If you want you can provide plant nutrition once a month. From spring until autumn. After autumn and in winter it is better not to give extra nutrients. In the autumn, plant nutrition can actually be harmful for the Beaucarnea!

Air-purifying function

The Beaucarnea is excellent as an air-purifying plant. Not just because of its lush and magnificent leaves but also because it has air purifying properties. It filters out the air of any harmful components and also prevents dust while helping us breathe better and decreasing stress.

Is the Beaucarnea toxic?

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the Beaucarnea recurvata is non-toxic and completely safe for house pets like dogs, cats, and horses.

Diseases and peculiarities

The Ponytail palm is not specifically susceptible to a louse, disease or vermin. Of course, too much water can lead to root rot. If the plant does suffer from vermin, you can control this with pesticides.

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