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This plant set contains the following plants:

  • Alocasia Zebrina
  • Banana plant
  • Monstera Deliciosa
  • Strelitzia Nicolai
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80 cm


19 cm

Toxic to pets



Watering Requires water once a week
Best location Grows best with medium light. Can't withstand full sun
Plant nutrition It is best if you add plant nutrition once every 2 weeks during the summer
Repotting Preferably once every 2 years



The Alocasia, also known as Elephant's Ear, comes from the tropical forests of South Asia. The plant needs a lot of sunlight, so you should place it in an area with plenty of indirect light.

However, the plant can survive in semi-shaded zones too. It is essential that you allow the plant to get used to the amount of sunlight.

Provide the Alocasia with lukewarm water at least once a week. Keep a check on the soil and feel if it needs any more water. It is better to water the plant more often than watering it once and too much.

Banana plant

The Banana plant has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and we know exactly why! It takes a long time to grow a real banana, but the plant is a fantastic asset to your interior.

Banana plants don't require much attention or care. This makes the Banana plant ideal as an indoor plant. You just have to position the plant on a sunny spot and water it once a week.

Please note! These plants will naturally have cracks in their leaves.


The Monstera is a remarkable plant. You can also know the plant by its name Swiss Cheese Plant or Philodendron Pertusem. An air-purifying plant, which makes the plant more friendly than what its name sounds like.

Monstera plants are natural climbers. The plant can thrive in a somewhat darker spot in your home. A very easy plant that needs water once a week. Nothing to worry about.


The plant's appearance has charmed many who have seen it. The best thing about the Strelitzia is that it is an indoor flowering plant, and that it often blooms in nature.

However, at home, the Strelitzia will only flower after eight years which happens when the plant is about 2-3 meters. The plant needs direct sunlight, a lot of water, and love for flowering.

Please note! These plants naturally have cracks in their leaves.

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More Information
With or without pot?Without decorative pot
Height in cm80 cm
Pot size Ø19 cm
AttributesAir-purifying, Easy to care for, Green, Tropical, Unusual
LocationDirect sunlight, Indirect sunlight, Shade
WateringRequires water once a week
Best locationGrows best with medium light. Can't withstand full sun
Plant nutritionIt is best if you add plant nutrition once every 2 weeks during the summer
RepottingPreferably once every 2 years
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