Flowering indoor plants

The flowers or fruits of flowering indoor plants create just that little bit of extra ambiance. In addition, flowering house plants last much longer than bouquet flowers. This allows you to enjoy flowers in your home even longer!
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  • Bromelia Vriesea Intenso Red
    Bromelia Vriesea Intenso Red
    42 cm Ø12 cm
    €25.00 €23.58
  • Bromelia Guzmania Deseo Yellow
    Bromelia Guzmania Deseo Yellow
    48 cm Ø12 cm
    €25.00 €23.58
  • Spathiphyllum Sweet Lauretta
    Spathiphyllum Sweet Lauretta
    100 cm Ø24 cm
    €46.00 €43.40
  • Bromelia Guzmania Candy
    Bromelia Guzmania Candy
    48 cm Ø12 cm
    €26.00 €24.53
  • Aechmea Pepita Elegant Flames
    Aechmea Pepita Elegant Flames
    45 cm Ø12 cm
    €26.00 €24.53
  • Bromelia Vriesea Astrid
    Bromelia Vriesea Astrid
    35 cm Ø12 cm
    €26.00 €24.53
  • Spathiphyllum Vivaldi
    Spathiphyllum Vivaldi
    70 cm Ø17 cm
    €29.00 €27.36
  • Bromelia Vriesea Intenso Orange
    Bromelia Vriesea Intenso Orange
    42 cm Ø12 cm
    €25.00 €23.58
  • Pineapple plant
    Pineapple plant
    40 cm Ø12 cm
    €26.00 €24.53
  • Bromelia Vriesea Intenso Yellow
    Bromelia Vriesea Intenso Yellow
    48 cm Ø12 cm
    €25.00 €23.58
  • Bromelia Guzmania Rockyflower Tala
    Bromelia Guzmania Rockyflower Tala
    43 cm Ø12 cm
    €26.00 €24.53
  • Bromelia Guzmania Calypso
    Bromelia Guzmania Calypso
    48 cm Ø12 cm
    €25.00 €23.58
  • Bromelia Guzmania Deseo White
    Bromelia Guzmania Deseo White
    48 cm Ø13 cm
    €25.00 €23.58
  • Tillandsia Antonio
    Tillandsia Antonio
    45 cm Ø12 cm
    €26.00 €24.53
  • Bromelia Guzmania Fiero Orange
    Bromelia Guzmania Fiero Orange
    42 cm Ø12 cm
    €25.00 €23.58
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    Buy flowering indoor plants

    A flowering house plant has, as its name suggests: flowers. It may be that these flowers are already growing when the plant is purchased. However, there are also plants that only bloom after a lot of time and effort. The Bird of paradise is a good example of a flowering indoor plant, which usually only flowers after several years.

    The great thing about flowering indoor plants is that they make perfect gifts. Unlike bouquet flowers, flowering indoor plants can sometimes last for years!

    Taking care of flowering indoor plants

    Just like any other house plant, a flowering plant needs to be looked after. Basically, there is no difference between flowering and non-flowering indoor plants when it comes to maintenance. The biggest difference is that plants need a little extra love and water during their blooming period.

    To keep flowering indoor plants attractive, we advise you to remove the dead flowers and leaves. It's best to remove these flowers with a knife or scissors. By removing faded flowers, you ensure that the plant no longer uses its energy for its old flowers. Some plants may even start to flower again within a short period of time.

    Good to know: house plants with flowers or fruits are often more toxic than non-flowering plants. This is mainly because the stamen and pistil of flowers can be poisonous.

    Top 5 easy flowering indoor plant species

    To make it easier for you, we have gathered our 5 favourite flowering indoor plants for you.

    1. Bromeliad
    2. Lipstick plant
    3. Peace lily
    4. Anthurium
    5. Pineapple plant