Plant accessories

Besides indoor plants, we also have other plant accessories. For example, cuttings in test tubes, plants that grow on a lava rock and hydroponic plants.

Can't decide? We can help to find a plant for you.

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    Indoor plant accessories

    House plants are already real eye-catchers, but what about plants in glass or on a lava rock? Plant accessories are perfect to put on a wall shelf, sideboard or on the coffee table.

    Hydroponic plants

    We have included some plants in our collection that grow without potting soil. These hydroponic plants grow only in a glass container with water. The plants have grown so-called water roots, because they have been grown in water at the nursery.

    Hydroponic plants are real eye-catchers because you can directly see the roots. That makes hydroponic plants very nice to give as a present!

    Plants on a lava rock

    Authentic lava rocks from the Canary Islands have been used for the plants on Lova lava rocks. Underneath the lava rock, a water reservoir is attached. Whenever the water reservoir is empty, you can refill it.

    Most plants that grow on the lava rocks have aerial roots. These aerial roots grow around the lava stone.