How to create an Urban Jungle?

You have taken the first step by clicking on this blog. An Urban Jungle, you’ll love it! You may not be sure yet, but the beginning is there.

You’re going to accompany that one houseplant in the corner of your room with new green friends. Alone, how are you going to do that?

What is an Urban Jungle?

First of all, it is good to get to know the real definition. How do you create something of which you are not sure what it is? Exactly! That is almost impossible. We like to think along with you, and love to explain to you the concept of Urban Jungle.

An Urban Jungle literally means an ‘urban jungle’. Urban. Exactly! Not somewhere in nature, but just in your too small apartment in the middle of the city. From large houseplants, trees to flowers. It’s all allowed! As long as you bring nature into your apartment. That’s all that matters.

An Urban Jungle in 3 steps

Step 1: Completing the questionnaire

In which room, room or place do you want to create an Urban Jungle? That’s your first, and perhaps most important, step. Without good preparation you are nowhere! You can think up which plants you would like most. If the space doesn’t lend itself to it, it soon stops.

Not only the space is important, but also the light coming in and the humidity. A nice idea to fill your bedroom with air-purifying plants. But if you get almost or no sunlight in your room, your plants will soon give out. So fill in this handy checklist!

  • In which room do I want my Urban Jungle?
  • How much and how often does the sun shine (directly) into the room?
  • What is the humidity like in this room?

Step 2: View light intensity

Once you have completed our checklist it is time for the next step. Filter! Does your chosen space receive a lot of (direct) sunlight? Then only look at houseplants that can withstand a lot of sunlight. The same goes for low sunlight of course.

Do you also suffer from a lot of humidity in the house? Filter on air-purifying plants, these can improve the humidity. As soon as your filters are on you will get an offer that suits your situation. This way you can be sure that you don’t choose plants that don’t fit in your environment.

Step 3: Time for choices

Now comes the fun part! Choosing your houseplants for your Urban Jungle. A tip? Choose different sizes, leaf types and colors of plants. The best thing about an Urban Jungle is that it doesn’t have to be a whole. By choosing different types of leaves you get diversity. As a perfectionist this can be tricky! Still, we assure you: the more diverse the range of plants, the better they will fit together.

And we haven’t even mentioned flower pots! A flowerpot can turn a chaotic looking whole into a unity. Or provide extra diversity! Symmetrical or not? That choice is entirely up to you!

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