Indoor plants that can withstand the cold

Do you have plants in a cold room? Think of a cold bedroom without heating, caravan or even a houseboat. Then your plants may freeze to death in winter. This is something you want to prevent. Fortunately, there are also plants that can withstand the cold rooms!

Cold resistant indoor plants are the stronger type of plants. Not only can they withstand cold, but also drought is not a problem. In winter these plants do not need water more often than once a month.

8 indoor plants that can be grown outdoors

1. Cacti and succulents

Almost all cacti can withstand the cold. In the desert, where they originally come from, it is blood hot during the day and ice cold at night. So they are used to something!

The same goes for succulents, these plants can also withstand the cold. It is important to give the cacti and succulents even less in a cold room. Don’t you do this? Then root rot can occur.

2. Yucca

Although the Yucca likes to be in the sun in summer, the plant can withstand the cold in winter. Around 5 degrees is no problem at all. Yuccas thrive in dry air.

In winter, water once every 4 to 6 weeks. That’s all you need! Is the Yucca on a cold spot? Then you can give even less water. Make sure there is good drainage so that the Yucca does not stand in wet feet.

3. Sansevieria

It is not for nothing that the Sansevieria has been named a student plant. The plant is one of the easiest houseplants to take care of.

In winter, the Sansevieria can easily be placed on a spot around 10 degrees Celsius. It doesn’t grow much colder unless there is no wind and draught.

The plant needs remarkably little water in winter. Once every 6 to 8 weeks. Then the winter is almost over!

4. Hedera

Perhaps not the most common houseplant, but Hedera is a very cold-resistant plant. Most will know the Hedera as old-fashioned ivy.

Since Hedera can also grow outside, the cold temperature inside is not a problem at all. The plant even likes that!

In the winter it is best to water the Hedera once a month.

5. Laurel

Laurel is officially a shrub often used for hedges. Although Laurel is also a beautiful indoor plant!

Since the plant is originally grown outside, it is used to some temperature differences.

In winter, Laurel is best watered once a month. That’s more than enough!

6. Fatsia

You probably know the Fatsia as an outdoor plant, but nothing could be further from the truth. The plant is native to Japan and can grow up to 2 meters high as a shrub.

Despite the fact that it’s a bit colder, the plant certainly likes to be sprayed. The Fatsia doesn’t get very happy from dry air.

Watering is best once a month. The Fatsia is a real water drinker, even in winter.

7. Kalanchoe

Besides green houseplants, there are also cold-resistant flowering houseplants. The Kalanchoe is a good example of this! The Kalanchoe is an easy houseplant and does not require any maintenance. The plant can also withstand the cold quite well.

In winter it is best to water the Kalanchoe every 4 to 6 weeks. It is important that the soil of the plant dries up well in the meantime.

8. Clivia

Just like the Kalanchoe, the Clivia is a flowering houseplant that can withstand the cold very well. Originally the Clivia comes from the daffodil family and is often known as a garden plant. Although the Clivia can also stand very well indoors.

In winter it is important that the plant is watered maximum once a month. If you forget this once in a while this is not a problem.

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