How to propagate: Garlic plant

Do you buy garlic more often than you actually use it? Then we have good news for you! Those garlic cloves can easily be reused. If you don’t have natural green fingers, you’re in luck. The garlic is an easy plant to grow.


  • Garlic clove including skin
  • Disinfectant
  • Glass, vase(s) or mug with water
  • Decorative pot with potting soil

Propagating garlic in 4 steps

Step 1: Disinfect

First clean the glass or vase you might be using. This prevents you from unnecessarily transferring bacteria during the propagation.

Do you happen to have disinfectant or pure alcohol? Disinfect the tools. Let's get away with those bacteria and fungi!

Step 2: Take cuttings

Add a layer of water to the glassware. Place the glass on a windowsill and get the garlic clove in it.

Please note! It is important to leave the garlic skin around the clove. This way the cuttings grow faster, and are also more successful.

Step 3: Repotting

After about one week you will see roots develop from the garlic clove. Change the water weekly so that no algae is formed.

As soon as the roots are at least 15 centimeters you can repot the cuttings. Choose a decorative pot with fresh soil so that the cutting has enough energy to root.

Step 4: Taking care of the cutting

A garlic can grow on a fairly light spot. Too much direct sunlight will not do it any good. With enough indirect sunlight you will see that the cutting grows faster than in water.

Tip: Did you know that you can use the stem of the garlic cutting in dishes? These are lighter in taste than garlic itself, and are easy to use. All you have to do is cut off a piece of the stem. Success guaranteed!

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