Using grow light for plants

Houseplants grow mainly thanks to two things: sunlight and water. Without one of the two, growth will stagnate and no new shoots will grow. The plant then ends up in ‘hibernation’. This has everything to do with the light the plant receives.

As soon as days get shorter and sunlight shines less brightly, a plant retreats. The lack of light also causes a lack of energy. Fortunately there is a solution for this: grow light.

3 reasons to use a grow light

  1. A grow light works as a prevention and as a solution for plants that get too little light.
  2. Grow lights ensure healthier growth and flowering of plants and flowers. Even fruit and vegetable plants! Even tropical plants and seeds can be grown with a grow light, despite the time of year.
  3. The plant becomes stronger and more stable. And maybe even more important, leaves and possible fruits become bigger! Thanks to the growing light, the plant gets enough food.

Tips for buying grow light

Step 1: Different kinds of grow light

There are different types of grow lights. Especially the color of the light is an important difference.

When it comes to grow lights for indoor plants you need two colors of artificial light: red and blue.

The best choice is a LED or UV-LED grow light. LED does not get too hot and is also very energy friendly.

Step 2: Adhere to a light scheme

If you have purchased a grow light, it is wise to stick to a light schedule. Especially if you bought the grow lights in the middle of autumn or winter. In that case the plant already has too little light.

Besides, it is not wise to continuously expose plants to light. This is not the case in nature either! If the light is off, leave the light off as well.

Step 3: Increase the humidity

The disadvantage of grow lights is that the humidity for the plant(s) can get very low. It is therefore wise to regularly mist with a plant sprayer. This way you ensure that the air humidity is higher and the plant cannot dry out.

Step 4: Safety

Buy grow lights that are certified. This way you can be sure that the lamp is safe. A grow light is often on for quite a few hours. If electricity is often on, a fire can start. You can’t be too careful when buying a grow light.

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