How to care for: Caladium

Caladiums are tropical plants with remarkable foliage. The plant has large heart- or arrow-shaped leaves in all kinds of colours and patterns. Caladium plants are perennial plants. They can die after summer, but their roots will keep the plant alive.

Medium light

Water once a week



How do you take care of a Caladium?


It is best to place the plant in medium bright light. The Caladium prefers a spot next to a window on the west or east. A spot near the south is of course also possible. Make sure that the plant is at least 2 metres away from the window.


It is best to water the Caladium once a week. Give small amounts of water, rather than a big splash at a time. The Caladium can’t completely absorb a lotof water within one week. This can cause the Caladium to store the excess water in the roots. The plant can then suffer from root rot.

Plant nutrition

The Caladium uses a lot of energy for new leaf growth from spring onwards. This is why the plant needs extra nutrients. You can add extra nutrients by using plant nutrition. We recommend plant nutrition once a month.


We recommend repotting the Caladium once a year. This is because Caladiums go into hibernation and lose all their leaves. After hibernation, the Caladium can use new energy.


The Caladium is a mildly air-purifying plant. They improve the air quality in the environment by removing benzene and other harmful chemicals.

Is a Caladium toxic?

The Caladium can be toxic for humans and animals. Try not to let cats and dogs, and even children, ingest leaves or sap from the plant.

Diseases and peculiarities

The Caladium is generally not susceptible to diseases and pests. Mourning flies and root rot can always occur, although this is usually due to careless care.

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