How to care for: Cat grass 'Zumula' (Cyperus Alternifolius)

Can’t your cat stay away from all your plants? Then here’s the solution: Cyperus Alternifolius. In other words, Cat grass. A plant with the looks of grass, but for indoor use. The plant has a fresh green colour and serves as a hairball cleaner for cats. If we are very honest, Cat grass is nothing but wild barley sown in a pot. Well, as long as the cats are happy.

Medium light

Water once a week


Non Air-purifying

How do you take care of Cat grass?


Cat grass grows best on a location with medium light to partial shade. They like shade better than direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will kill the plant rather than do it any good.


Water the cat grass regularly. About once a week to every 10 days is enough. It is not necessary to keep the soil continuously moist. We do, however, recommend placing the plant in a flowerpot with a saucer. This prevents wet feet and eventually root rot.

Plant nutrition

Plant nutrition is not necessary for Cat grass. It can even be dangerous for the cat if you add plant nutrition. Cat Grass itself is cultivated without pesticides and other chemicals.


Repotting Cat grass is not necessary. Most cats enjoy Cat Grass so much that the plant becomes bald really soon.


The most ideal temperature for growing Cat grass is between 15 to 24 degrees Celsius. It thrives in moderate temperatures and can be grown indoors or outdoors.


Pruning Cat grass is not necessary for its growth. However, regular pruning helps to remove any yellowed or dried-out blades of grass and encourages fresh growth. Pruning also helps to ensure that the cat has access to fresh and tender grass blades, which they often prefer to eat.

Diseases and peculiarities

Cat grass is not susceptible to diseases or pests. If the plant still suffers from this, you can try to spray the plant with a hard jet of water. Do not use a pesticide. Pesticide is dangerous for your pets.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cat Grass

Why is cat grass good for your cat?

Cat grass can help your cat expel hairballs. Every cat forms hairballs, but it can be difficult for them to cough them up. Cat grass can assist in this process.

How do I care for cat grass properly?

Taking care of cat grass is really easy. Make sure to water the cat grass once a week. Additionally, it's wise to trim away any old or discoloured leaves.

How long does cat grass last?

Cat grass can last a long time. However, most cats tend to devour it quickly. As a result, the shelf life of cat grass is less important.

Can cats be allergic to cat grass?

Indeed, cats can be allergic to cat grass. The reason is that, just like humans, cats can be allergic to grasses, pollen, and dust mites. The allergic reaction of a cat to cat grass is similar to hay fever.

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