How to care for: Chinese money plant (Pilea peperomioides)

Among the trendiest indoor plants, Pilea peperomioides is adored for its remarkable appearance. Its flat round leaves look like coins, poffertjes, or small pancakes. Each leaf is attached to the tip of the plant by a leaf stem (known as a petiole), that connects directly to the leaf underside, giving it a unique appeal. The plant was already popular in the 70s. Originally, the plant comes from China, where it is called the Chinese Money Plant.

Medium light

Water once a week



How do you take care of a Chinese Money plant?


The Chinese Money plant likes to be placed in a spot with lots of light. It is best to place the plant in medium bright light. The Chinese Money plant prefers a spot next to a window on the west or east. A spot near the south is of course also possible. Make sure that the plant is at least 2 metres away from the window. A spot near the north probably has too little light. Don’t forget to turn the Chinese Money plant! The plant grows towards the sun. If you do not rotate the plant will only get full on one side and that is what you want to prevent.


If an Chinese Money plant gets too little water, the leaf will hang limp. Due to too little water, the stems are not full enough to hold the leaves up high. It is therefore important to always keep the soil of the Chinese Money plant slightly moist. You can check this with your finger in the soil. Never let the Chinese Money plant dry out. Not even in winter! It is best to water the Chinese Money plant once a week all year round. In the winter it may be a smaller amount. The most important thing? Give small amounts of water, rather than a big splash at a time.

Plant nutrition

The Chinese Money plant uses a lot of energy from spring onwards to make new leaves. As a result, the plant needs extra nutrients. You can provide these nutrients by means of plant nutrition. We recommend giving plant nutrition once every two weeks. From spring until autumn. After autumn and in winter it is better not to give extra nutrients. In the autumn, plant nutrition can actually be harmful for the Chinese Money plant!


Repotting the Chinese Money plant is necessary every year. The plant is a fast grower, so its roots soon become too tight in the pot. We recommend repotting the plant every year, since it gives new nutrients and more room for root growth. The airier soil is also very good for the water flowing through. The best period to repot is spring.


The Pilea peperomioides prefers a temperature range between 15 to 24 degrees Celsius. This temperature range provides optimal conditions for its growth and overall health. It's important to avoid exposing Pilea peperomioides to temperature extremes.


If any leaves on the Pilea peperomioides turn yellow or become damaged, it's advisable to prune them off. Removing these yellow leaves helps maintain the plant's appearance and prevents the spread of diseases.

Diseases and peculiarities

If the air is too dry, the Chinese Money plant can suffer from spider mites. To prevent spider mites, it is best to use the plant sprayer once a week. Spider mites are an infection of mites on plants. You can recognise the infection by infected leaves and a kind of cobwebs. If you have come across spider mites, it is best to place the plant outside. Wind and moisture from outside will quickly keep the spider mite away.

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Frequently asked questions about the Chinese Money plant

Why are the leaves of my Chinese Money plant turning yellow?

Yellowing of the leaves can have different causes. Usually the leaves turn yellow because the plant gets too much or too little light. Especially in winter it is common for the leaves of the Chinese Money plant to turn yellow. When the leaves turn yellow they usually let go after the discoloration.

How do you get a big Chinese Money plant?

If a Chinese Money plant receives the right care, it will automatically get big. If you want to help the plant a little, you can do this by placing the cuttings near the mother plant.

How tall does a Chinese Money plant grow?

Most Chinese Money Plants grow to an average height of 50 cm. They are very fast growers, so if the care is right, they can get much bigger.

Can you propagate a Chinese Money plant?

Yes, you certainly can. Check out our tips on how to propagate the Chinese Money plant.

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