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Do you water your indoor plants too little or too much? Low-maintenance plants will quickly recover in such a situation. Therefore, an easy-care plant can also be called a strong plant.
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What is an easy & low-maintenance indoor plant?

Like all house plants, easy plants require care. However, taking care of an easy indoor plant is less complicated. The term 'easy' plants can therefore feel rather abstract. This is something we understand! When we talk about low-maintenance indoor plants, we have taken various care aspects into account. For example, the light and water requirements, diseases and pests.

Light and water requirements

Some low-maintenance plants can survive in almost any location. From partial shade to direct sunlight. If a plant can grow in different locations and under different types of light, we classify it as 'low-maintenance', 'easy' or 'strong'.

In addition to lighting, the water requirements are also important to plants. House plants which only need watering once a week are quite low-maintenance. These plants can be watered at the same time every week, which reduces the chance of forgetting. The plants which only need watering less than once a week can also be classified as low-maintenance plants. If you ever forget to water them, it will not be a problem with these plants.

Diseases and pests

House plants that are prone to diseases or pests often require a lot of maintenance. Some pests can be very stubborn. We therefore don't classify these plants as 'low-maintenance', 'easy' or 'strong'.

Almost every indoor plant can suffer from root rot. This has nothing to do with diseases or pests, but with long-term improper care of the plant. Even easy indoor plants can get root rot. The same applies to diseases and pests, but easy plants are generally less sensitive to them.

Top 10 low-maintenance indoor plants

To get you started, we have listed our favourite easy to care for plants.

  1. Monstera
  2. Snake plant
  3. Ponytail palm
  4. Philodendron
  5. Yucca
  6. ZZ-plant
  7. Dracaena
  8. Chinese money plant
  9. Succulent
  10. Cactus