Kokodama plants

Kokodama plants are kept in a decorative pot made of coconut fibres. You can choose to use the Kokodama as a hanging decorative pot or to place it on a sideboard. A Kokodama is a real eye-catcher!
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    What is a Kokodama?

    What is a Kokodama? A Kokodama is a pot made of ecological coconut fibres. The pot creates an attractive and sustainable home for your indoor plants. You can use the Kokodama hanging, lying or as a standing decorative pot.

    Because a Kokodama is made of ecological coconut fibres, the pot is 99% biodegradable. It's therefore a sustainable and creative alternative to the traditional plastic nursery pot.

    What is the difference between Kokodama and Kokedama?

    Although the names Kokodama and Kokedama are similar, they are in fact different products. Hence, these two names are sometimes confused with each other.

    Unlike the Kokodama, the Kokedama is made of soil and moss. In a Kokedama, the plants grow their roots directly in the ball of soil and moss. This is, in a way, an alternative to potting soil. In a Kokodama, potting soil isn’t used. The Kokodama is more of a plant's decorative pot. Thus, two different products!

    Top 10 Kokodama plants

    We sell various house plants in a Kokodama. Both plant mixes and individual indoor plants. We have highlighted our favourite Kokodama plants for you:

    1. Lipstick plant
    2. Chlorophytum Ocean
    3. Epiphyllum Anguliger
    4. String of hearts
    5. Aloe plant
    6. Devil's Ivy
    7. Fern
    8. Chinese money plant
    9. Sedum Tornado
    10. Tradescantia Zebrina