Large indoor plants

Large indoor plants can be real eye-catchers. To make it easy for you, we've gathered all our tall and large indoor plants in one place.
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What is a large indoor plant?

The definition of the word 'large' is rather subjective. When we, at Studioplant, talk about large house plants, we don’t only look at the height, but also at the pot size of the plant. When it comes to height, we call plants from 125 cm and above a tall indoor plant.

For the pot size, we use a minimum of 27 cm. This is quite a wide range, but there is a reason for that! Some plants are small by nature and are unable to grow very tall. As soon as they reach a pot size of 27 cm, they will hardly grow any more. For some plants, a pot size of 27 can therefore indicate that this is already a large version of the indoor plant.

Benefits of buying large indoor plants online

The biggest benefit of a large indoor plant is that these plants are already mature. This often makes them much stronger than a smaller, younger version of the plant. After all, they've been through a lot!

The possibility of buying large house plants online is also certainly a benefit. Especially if you’re not able to carry a large and heavy plant yourself, or if you have no access to transport for large plants.

For companies, too, it's perfect to buy a large plant online. Order easily from behind your desk and within a few business days you’ll have beautiful large plants at your office. We can't make it any easier!

Top 10 large indoor plants

  1. Ponytail palm
  2. Kentia palm
  3. Dracaena
  4. Umbrella plant
  5. Rubber plant
  6. Yucca Elephantipes
  7. Areca palm
  8. Strelitzia Nicolai
  9. Polyscias Fabian
  10. Epipremnum Aureum