Maranta (Prayer plant)

Thanks to its leaves, the Prayer plant is a very remarkable indoor plant. The plant is oficially named Maranta, but called prayer plant due to its leaves.

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    All about the Maranta

    Maranta plants are rather difficult to maintain, but beautiful indoor plants. The plants are small in size, but have large colour and pattern varieties.


    Maranta plants are also known as Prayer plants. This nickname belongs to the fact that the Maranta closes its leaves at night, like hands in prayer. Every sunrise, the leaves will open again.

    Different types of the Maranta

    The Maranta belongs to the Marantaceae family, with less than 25 species. The best known species is the Maranta leuconeura (Maranta Lemon Lime) and the Maranta mackoyana. The last mentioned is sometimes called the Calathea mackoyana too. Some of the Maranta plants:

    • Maranta Leuconeura
    • Maranta Mackoyana
    • Maranta Erythroneura
    • Maranta Fascinator
    • Maranta Lemon Lime

    Origin of the Maranta

    The Maranta originates from the tropical forests in Central and South America. In nature the plant can be found underneath other tropical plants. Maranta plants remains small. They will grow up to 60 centimetres. Although it is not a large plant, you can always recognize a Maranta by its striking leaves.