Non-toxic and pet-friendly plants

Cats, dogs and children are generally interested in plants and are eager to touch or even taste them. So make a safe choice and go for non-toxic indoor plants.
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Can't decide? We can help to find a plant for you.

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  • Areca palm
    Areca palm
    60 cm Ø17 cm
    €35.00 €32.11 As low as €31.50
  • Jungle Terrarium
    Jungle Terrarium
    25 cm Ø23 cm
    €36.00 €33.03
  • Succulent Terrarium
    Succulent Terrarium
    25 cm Ø23 cm
    €36.00 €33.03
  • Items 97-99 of 99

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    Buy non-toxic and pet-friendly indoor plants

    Plants create an ambiance that is attractive to children and pets as well. The problem, however, is that some indoor plants are poisonous.

    When ingested, a toxic reaction can result in nausea, itching and vomiting. Symptoms that we of course want to prevent! If you have pets or young children, it's therefore wise to go for non-toxic indoor plants that are pet- and child-friendly.

    If you already have toxic house plants at home, it would be a shame to throw them away. Perhaps it's possible to exchange them with friends and/or family.

    Has your child or pet accidentally ingested a portion of a toxic indoor plant? Please call a doctor immediately.

    Top 10 non-toxic and pet-friendly indoor plants

    Are you having trouble deciding between our non-toxic and pet-friendly indoor plants? We have compiled a top 10 for you. These plants are safe for cats, dogs and children.

    1. Ponytail palm
    2. Calathea
    3. Banana plant
    4. Kentia palm
    5. Areca palm
    6. Chinese money plant
    7. Peperomia
    8. Olive tree
    9. Lipstick plant
    10. Bromeliad