Indoor plants with decorative pot

The ultimate comfort: buying indoor plants, online including a decorative pot. This saves you from carrying plants around, looking for a suitable decorative pot, and you don't have to repot your plant. It couldn't be more convenient!

Buying indoor plants with pot: the perfect solution

A decorative pot or basket is a need for every house plant. It’s therefore important to choose a plant pot that suits the needs of the indoor plant. Does the plant need little water? Then don't choose a pot that retains a lot of moisture, such as a terracotta pot. To save you all the trouble, we sell many indoor plants, including decorative pots.

Benefits of buying potted indoor plants

  • The material of the decorative pot matches the needs of the plant;
  • The pot size always fits the plant;
  • You don’t have to search for a suitable decorative pot.

Pot-plant combinations at Studioplant

Buying plants with decorative pots can make the search for a suitable indoor plant a bit easier. Our range of pot-plant combinations consists of different types of decorative pots and baskets. We don't only vary in pot materials, but also in colour and shape.

ELHO plant pots

Most pot-plant combinations are combined with an Elho plant pot. The Elho pots are made from waste, making the pot 100% recyclable and sustainable. In addition, it’s an important fact that Elho's decorative pots are waterproof. This makes Elho pots even suitable for hydroponics.

ELHO b.for

ELHO Brussels

ELHO Vibes

ELHO Greenville

ELHO b.for

ELHO b.for

Metal plant pots

Metal isn't exactly the material you would expect to find in a decorative pot. This makes the metal pots extra special. The material gives the decorative pots a rustic look. A real eye-catcher!

Plant baskets

Plant baskets are timeless and fit into any interior. Whether you place the plant with a basket in the office, bedroom or living room, a cosy atmosphere is guaranteed! The plant baskets of our pot-plant combinations consist of the materials reed, seagrass and banana leaves. Especially fun, for example, to provide your Banana plant with a plant basket made of banana leaves!

Gaby BR

Basket Nelis

Basket Sumatra

Gaby TW

SIZO Paper Bag

Ceramic plant pots

The ceramic plant pots come in different shapes, sizes and colours. We have standard white ceramic plant pots, but we also have coloured ceramic plant pots.

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