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Shop your next indoor plants at Studioplant. Our collection includes plants with and without decorative pot, office plants and terrariums. We deliver your chosen plants directly to your home or office. Indoor plants make excellent gifts, especially with a personal message. Buy your plants easily online at Studioplant.

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  • Alocasia mix
    Alocasia mix
    70 cm Ø19 cm
    €64.95 €59.59
  • Yucca Elephantipes mix
    Yucca Elephantipes mix
    80 cm Ø17 cm
    €48.45 €44.45
  • Ficus Altissima
    Ficus Altissima
    150 cm Ø35 cm
    €156.95 €143.99
  • Ficus Lyrata
    Ficus Lyrata
    130 cm Ø27 cm
    €102.95 €94.45
  • Areca palm
    Areca palm
    110 cm Ø28 cm
    €75.95 €69.68
  • Spathiphyllum Sweet Lauretta
    Spathiphyllum Sweet Lauretta
    100 cm Ø28 cm
    €68.45 €62.80
  • Alocasia Cucullata
    Alocasia Cucullata
    65 cm Ø19 cm
    €31.95 €29.31
  • Aglaonema Maria
    Aglaonema Maria
    25 cm Ø12 cm
    €29.95 €27.48
  • Aglaonema Crete
    Aglaonema Crete
    25 cm Ø12 cm
    €29.95 €27.48
  • Banana plant
    Banana plant
    80 cm Ø21 cm
    €35.45 €32.52
  • Dracaena Marginata
    Dracaena Marginata
    125 cm Ø24 cm
    €40.45 €37.11
  • Cordyline Conga
    Cordyline Conga
    60 cm Ø19 cm
    €34.45 €31.61
  • Sansevieria Cylindrica
    Sansevieria Cylindrica
    35 cm Ø12 cm
    €28.45 €26.10
  • Sansevieria Cylindrica
    Sansevieria Cylindrica
    70 cm Ø17 cm
    €35.45 €32.52
  • Livistona Rotundifolia
    Livistona Rotundifolia
    100 cm Ø24 cm
    €61.45 €56.38
  • Strelitzia Nicolai
    Strelitzia Nicolai
    100 cm Ø24 cm
    €65.45 €60.05
  • Ficus Elastica Cloe
    Ficus Elastica Cloe
    60 cm Ø21 cm
    €38.95 €35.73
  • Ficus Elastica Robusta
    Ficus Elastica Robusta
    60 cm Ø21 cm
    €38.95 €35.73
  • Syngonium podophyllum
    Syngonium podophyllum
    50 cm Ø15 cm
    €30.95 €28.39
  • Monstera Deliciosa
    Monstera Deliciosa
    80 cm Ø27 cm
    €48.45 €44.45
  • Monstera Deliciosa
    Monstera Deliciosa
    60 cm Ø17 cm
    €31.95 €29.31
  • Maranta Tricolor
    Maranta Tricolor
    20 cm Ø12 cm
    €25.45 €23.35
  • Maranta Kerchoveana
    Maranta Kerchoveana
    20 cm Ø12 cm
    €25.45 €23.35
  • Yucca Elephantipes
    Yucca Elephantipes
    80 cm Ø17 cm
    €35.45 €32.52
  • Aspidistra elatior
    Aspidistra elatior
    70 cm Ø17 cm
    €45.45 €41.70
  • Chlorophytum ‘Variegatum’
    Chlorophytum ‘Variegatum’
    25 cm Ø12 cm
    €25.45 €23.35
  • Philodendron Birkin
    Philodendron Birkin
    35 cm Ø14 cm
    €31.95 €29.31
  • Echeveria Purpusorum
    Echeveria Purpusorum
    9 cm Ø6 cm
    €16.45 €15.09
  • Crassula Minor
    Crassula Minor
    11 cm Ø6 cm
    €16.45 €15.09
  • Echeveria Miranda
    Echeveria Miranda
    13 cm Ø9 cm
    €16.95 €15.55
  • Euphorbia Lactea
    Euphorbia Lactea
    25 cm Ø9 cm
    €18.95 €17.39
  • Yucca Elephantipes
    Yucca Elephantipes
    60 cm Ø14 cm
    €24.45 €22.43
  • Yucca Elephantipes
    Yucca Elephantipes
    85 cm Ø17 cm
    €28.95 €26.56
  • Calathea Warscewiczii
    Calathea Warscewiczii
    70 cm Ø19 cm
    €30.45 €27.94
  • Aglaonema Crete
    Aglaonema Crete
    25 cm Ø9 cm
    €20.45 €18.76
  • Alocasia Macrorrhiza
    Alocasia Macrorrhiza
    70 cm Ø19 cm
    €27.45 €25.18
  • Funky plant mix
    Funky plant mix
    20 cm Ø12 cm
    Special Price €36.95 €33.90 Regular Price €49.45
  • Begonia Maculata duo
    Begonia Maculata duo
    40 cm Ø12 cm
    Special Price €36.95 €33.90 Regular Price €49.45
  • Popular plant mix
    Popular plant mix
    20 cm Ø12 cm
    Special Price €40.45 €37.11 Regular Price €53.45
  • Plant mix in Elho Vibes Fold
    Plant mix in Elho Vibes Fold
    40 cm Ø14 cm
    Special Price €45.45 €41.70 Regular Price €59.45
  • Rhipsalis duo
    Rhipsalis duo
    15 cm Ø9 cm
    €27.45 €25.18
  • Dracaena Marginata
    Dracaena Marginata
    80 cm Ø17 cm
    €34.45 €31.61
  • Items 127-168 of 1158

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    A helpful guide to buying indoor plants online

    Are you looking for an indoor plant that can beautify your home or office? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This helpful guide explains everything you need to know about choosing the perfect indoor plant, and introduces many of Studioplant’s most popular plant species.

    Why is buying indoor plants online a wise choice?

    Indoor plants are perfect for relieving stress, improving your mood, and beautifying your home. But what are good reasons to order your indoor plants online, instead of offline?

    1. Fresh from the grower

    Thanks to the trusted relationships between Studioplant and our growers, we only sell fresh plants from the grower. This ensures the plants that you receive will be healthy and beautiful!

    In contrast, when you buy a plant from a traditional garden centre or other retailer, in most cases it spends much more time getting from the greenhouse to your home. During this traditional distribution and sales process, the temperature and light conditions change often. This is not optimal for the health of the plant.

    2. Plant-friendly packaging

    Before shipping out your order, we ensure they’re perfectly wrapped in plant-friendly packaging so they arrive safely at your door. Working with our trusted shipping partner, we currently offer free delivery on all plants to specific locations.

    3. Directly delivered directly to your home or office

    When you order from Studioplant, we deliver your chosen plants directly to your home or office, meaning you don’t have to transport the plant yourself. When transporting plants yourself without proper packaging, the plants are quickly damaged. In addition, not everyone has muscles and a spacious car!

    4. Buy now, pay later!

    Not ready to pay for your indoor plant upfront? No problem! Our efficient online payment service Klarna allows you to buy your chosen plant now and pay later, giving you no excuses not to beautify your home right now with the plant of your choice.

    How do I choose the best indoor plants?

    How do you select the perfect plant species for your home with so many beautiful plants to choose from? We recognise that it’s far from easy to pick the most suitable indoor plants for your home setting, which is why we’re here to help you! Our helpful plant finder is the perfect tool to begin, which is a simple four-step questionnaire tool that asks the following questions:

    • Do you have green fingers?
    • What plant height are you looking for?
    • Which attributes do you consider important?
    • How far will the plant be from a window?

    Answering these simple questions helps narrow down your search, and we direct you to the indoor plants that are best suited to your requirements and home setting.

    Additionally, our website contains a range of useful filters that you can select to find the ideal plant for your home. You can search for plants based upon the following:

    • Category (indoor, office, bedroom, etc.)
    • Location (direct sunlight, indirect sunlight, shade, etc.)
    • Height (in cm)
    • With or without decorative pot
    • Attributes (air-purifying, easy-care, flowering, etc.)
    • Plant species
    • Pot size (in diameter)
    • Price (in Euros, British Pounds or US dollars)

    We’ve made it as easy as possible to search for the perfect indoor plant for your home, but if you’re stuck for inspiration, you can always contact us directly to find what you’re looking for.

    What are the different types of indoor plants?

    You’re probably aware that there are many varieties of indoor plants you can choose from, as each species has different attributes and benefits. Some of the types of indoor plants available from our store include:

    1. Air-purifying plants

    As well as purifying the air and reducing pollution within your home, air-purifying plants have a range of health benefits, including:

    • Increased mood and productivity;
    • Enhanced concentration levels and memory;
    • Reduced stress, fatigue, and feelings of tiredness;
    • Improved sleep and relaxation.

    Opting for an air-purifying indoor plant will keep you healthy and beautify your home at the same time!

    2. Bathroom plants

    Adding a plant to your bathroom helps manage humidity levels, as they are capable of extracting water vapour from the air. This helps reduce mould and mildew build-up in your bathroom and keeps the air fresh and clean when the bathroom isn’t in use.

    3. Office plants

    Purchasing an office plant for your workplace is a great move! Renowned for increasing productivity, enhancing concentration levels, and even reducing headaches and work-related stress; office plants are a must-have addition to workspaces big or small.

    4. Bedroom plants

    Adding a plant to your bedroom will improve the quality of your night’s sleep. Fragrant plants are conducive to deep sleep, while air-purifying plants absorb toxins and improve oxygen levels, contributing to the perfect night’s sleep!

    5. Indoor plants with decorative pot

    Once you’ve decided on the perfect plant for your home, you then need to determine how best to store it. We sell a range of plants that come with beautiful, perfectly sized pots, making the plant including pot effortless.

    6. Non-toxic and pet-friendly plants

    Some plants are potentially toxic to animals, so you must choose pet-friendly plants that will not upset your pets! Our handy descriptions advise whether or not your chosen plant is toxic to animals, which helps you avoid those that might cause your pets harm. All plants that are toxic to pets can also be toxic to humans. Something to bear in mind with small children.

    7. Easy-to-care for plants

    Not everyone is green-fingered or has the time to tend to house plants every day. But the good news is that we stock lots of plants that are easy to care for and require very little maintenance. If you don’t have the time (or inclination) to tend to your indoor plants regularly, then easy-to-care for plants are perfect for you.

    Which houseplants are most popular? Studioplant’s top 10 indoor plant species

    Now that we’ve looked at the different types of indoor plants available, we want to present the top 10 indoor plant species that our customers love adding to their homes.

    1. Banana plant

    The Banana plant, or Musa, is a super popular, air-purifying indoor plant that needs watering once a week and is easy to care for. It does well in bright sunlight, is non-toxic, and grows quickly when kept in favourable conditions.

    2. Alocasia

    There are several varieties of Alocasia plants, including Wentii, Lauterbachiana, Zebrina, Portadora, and Cucullata, each of which we stock on our site. The plant is native to the forests of South Asia and is colloquially known as ‘Elephant’s Ear.’ It needs plenty of indirect sunlight and should be watered once a week.

    3. Bromelia

    The Bromelia Guzmania is a stunning houseplant with a colourful rosette, which contains hairs and scales that absorb moisture and nutrition. Bromeliad blooms exist in many colours, from bright red to deep purple, making a striking addition to your home or office.

    4. Kentia palm

    The Kentia Palm is a native of an Australasian island and is favoured by homeowners who are looking for an attractive plant that is easy to maintain. It thrives in partial shade and should be watered every ten days or so, making it a great candidate for the corner of your office.

    5. Bird of paradise (Strelitzia)

    Originating from South Africa, the Strelitzia is characterised by its stunning orange flower and blue coloured stem. However, it takes several years for the Strelitzia to flower and requires direct sunlight, lots of water, and a fair amount of TLC!

    6. Philodendron

    With several varieties, including Scandens, Ruby, Xanadu, and Minima, the Philodendron is a Caribbean native that is a very popular air-purifying plant. Interestingly, the plant takes its name from the Greek words for love (phileo) and tree (dendron). This is a great indoor plant to give as a gift to someone special!

    7. Rubber plant (Ficus)

    Another air-purifying plant, the Ficus is also excellent at reducing humidity, making it a great candidate for use in the bathroom. Grown natively in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, the Ficus requires indirect sunlight and regular watering to thrive.

    8. Umbrella plant (Schefflera)

    You may be more familiar with the Schefflera plant’s alternative name – the umbrella plant. This Taiwanese plant is named such due to its looks, as it possesses a thick stem with a bunch of leaves on top. The Schefflera only needs watered every couple of weeks and is grateful for indirect sunlight.

    9. Dracaena

    Also known as the Dragon’s Blood Tree, the Dracaena tree is appreciated for its air purifying features and does a great job of removing harmful substances from the air. It’s also super easy to maintain and only needs watering when the soil feels dry. The Dracaena is another excellent choice for an office plant.

    10. Areca palm

    Last but not least is the Areca palm, a beautiful houseplant that grows well in medium light and is capable of producing yellow-orange fruits. You need to keep your Areca Palm away from direct sunlight and water it regularly if it is to thrive in your home.

    Does plant size matter? The pros & cons of large vs. small indoor plants

    One of the most important considerations when you’re choosing the perfect indoor plant is size. We divide plants into small and large indoor plants by looking at the pot size and height of the plant.

    After all, you need to select a plant that will fit comfortably in the space you have selected for it. We’ve put together a list of pros & cons of both large and small indoor plants, to help you find the perfect indoor plant for your home setting.

    Pros of large indoor plants

    • Perfectly fill out bigger indoor spaces;
    • Better at purifying the air than smaller plants;
    • Can act as a stunning centre-piece for your living space.

    Cons of large indoor plants

    • Often requires more care, watering, and attention;
    • May need to be propagated or pruned;
    • Sometimes more expensive than smaller plants.

    Pros of small indoor plants

    • Can easily fit on a shelf or small table;
    • Often requires less attention than larger plants;
    • You can select several smaller plants with different benefits to populate a space that could only fit one larger plant.

    Cons of small indoor plants

    • Easier to forget to care for smaller indoor plants, particularly in an office;
    • Not ideal if you want to keep your plants on the floor;
    • Can often get lost amidst your other decorations.

    How do I care for indoor plants?

    At Studioplant, we’re committed to helping our customers care for their indoor plants so that they can thrive in the long term. As such, we’ve compiled comprehensive care- and propagation guides for all of the plant species that we sell. Within our care guides, you will find the following information:

    • The best indoor location for your plant;
    • How much water your plant needs;
    • Details about any nutrition that your plant requires;
    • Information about repotting your plant;
    • Essential details about the plant’s toxicity;
    • A guide to your plant’s air-purifying qualities;
    • Considerations relating to any diseases or peculiarities of your plant.

    I want to buy a plant online as a gift, with a personal message. How can I do that?

    Indoor plants make excellent gifts, whether you’re saying thank you or expressing your love to that special someone. We’ve collated a range of ideal plants as gifts, but any of the indoor plants listed on our site can be gifted.

    You can order your chosen plant and arrange for it to be delivered directly to your chosen recipient. We don’t include any of your billing details in the order, so you don’t have to worry about sharing your personal information.

    There’s also the option to add a personal message to the plant you’re sending, which can be done just before adding a product to your cart. Overall, ordering a plant as a gift is a wonderful way to show your affection or gratitude.