Ficus Ginseng Terrarium Egg

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30 cm


18 cm

Botanical name

Ficus Ginseng

Toxic to pets



Best location Grows best with medium light. Can't withstand full sun
Plant nutrition Additional plant nutrition is not necessary
Repotting Repotting is not necessary


The terrarium contains a Ficus Ginseng. You can recognize the Ficus Ginseng by its irregularly shaped aerial roots - Ginseng is Chinese for 'root' - and glossy oval leaves. Reminiscent of a bonsai tree, this Asian beauty is accompanied by two carefully selected botanicals.

The small hole/opening at the top? That ensures that the Egg does not condense excessively, thus keeping the terrarium in balance. Due to its shape, excessive condensation can occur more quickly than in other shaped terrariums.

More Information
With or without pot?With decorative pot
Pot materialGlass
Height in cm30 cm
Pot size Ø18 cm
Botanical nameFicus Ginseng
NicknamesIndoor miniature garden, Mini-Garden, Garden under glass, Ecosystem
AttributesEasy to care for, Green, Non-toxic / pet-friendly, Small
LocationIndirect sunlight
With or without lamp?Without lamp
Best locationGrows best with medium light. Can't withstand full sun
Plant nutritionAdditional plant nutrition is not necessary
RepottingRepotting is not necessary
BrandGrowing Concepts
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