Indoor plant propagation

Do you want to propagate your indoor plant? This can be done easily with our step-by-step plan! The method of propagation can differ per plant species. Find the right plant and click through for all the instructions.

Why propagate indoor plants?

Propagating doesn't only give you more plants, it can make your current plants look even more attractive and healthy. If you add more and more propagated plants in one pot, you end up with a fuller plant.

There are two ways to propagate your indoor plants

Propagating with cuttings

Some plants, like the Monstera, Philodendron and Devil's Ivy, grow aerial roots. This are stems that grow right from the plant. These aerial roots make it quite easy to propagate an indoor plant. Just cut off a piece of the plant including an aerial root, and position the root in water or soil.

It's also possible to take cuttings directly from a plant, without aerial roots. Just take a cutting of, for example your Syngonium. Cut just below a node, so that there is a bigger change on succesful rooting.

Propagation by division

Plants like the Alocasia, Strelitzia and Zamioculcas can be divided into seperate plants. Take the plant out of its pot and divide the mother plant in several plants. This can be easily done, because these plants grow rhizomes, runners or bulbs in their soil.

Useful blogs

Tips for repotting indoor plants

Plants grow just like people. They grow bigger and simply need a bigger home. You can’t have a toddler put on a baby romper. The same goes for plants.

Watering indoor plants

Watering. Maybe not something you always feel like, but it’s necessary. Indoor plants need water for their health. Water ensures that the nutrients in the plant can be transported.

Make your own moss pole in 4 steps

For real climbing plants, a moss pole can be useful. Not only will the plant grow faster and higher, but also the leaves the plant produces will grow bigger.

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