Office plants

Office- and desk plants create a cosy work environment. In addition, plants can even ensure higher productivity and better acoustics. Would you like to equip an entire office with greenery? Please contact us for a quotation.

What are the benefits of office plants?

Do you suffer from dry eyes, headaches or dry skin at work? During the winter, this is a common problem! The origin of this problem is most likely the humidity in the air or substances like Formaldehyde floating around in the office. This can be partially solved by air-purifying plants.

An air-purifying plant can convert CO2 into oxygen. It can even filter harmful substances from the air. The more plants you place in the office, the better the air-purifying effects will be.

Which office plants should I consider buying?

The best choice for the office are strong, low-maintenance plants, especially large-leaved plants. Large leaves can be effective in reducing noise and improving acoustics. Office plants can definitely provide a benefit in open-plan offices and meeting rooms.

Do you have limited space in your (home) office for large office plants? In that case, add medium- to small-sized desk plants. No matter how big or small the plant is. Green office plants do wonders!

It would also be a good idea to consider our office plant bundles. These bundles have been assembled to make the choice easier for you or your company.

Top 10 office plants

Because it isn't always clear at the office who is responsible for the office plants and desk plants, things tend to go wrong when it comes to care and plant maintenance. However, it’s recommended that someone is made responsible for the care. There is usually someone in the office who enjoys taking care of plants. Yet, we understand that things tend to go wrong more quickly in the office than at home.

In the office, therefore, it’s best to choose plants that are easy, strong and air-purifying.

  1. Ponytail palm
  2. Kentia palm
  3. Umbrella plant
  4. Banana plant
  5. Monstera
  6. Dracaena
  7. Alocasia
  8. Areca palm
  9. Bird of Paradise
  10. Philodendron

Popular office plants

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