Returns & Cancellation

Did you receive a plant or decorative pot that doesn't meet the specifications or that arrived damaged? Please contact us as soon as possible! You can do this via info[at] or by using our contact form. After contacting us, we will offer you a suitable solution. We recommend that you also send photos of the received product. That way we can get started right away! It is certainly not the intention that products are delivered that are not in good condition. This is covered by warranty instead of our return or cancellation policy.

Returning or exchanging plants

Living and perishable products, such as plants or plant terrariums, are legally excluded from the right of withdrawal.

Studioplant has also included this in their general terms and conditions. We don't do this out of unwillingness, but because plants are fragile and perishable products that don't survive the return process back to the grower. Upon return, the plant would have to be destroyed, and that would be a pity!

Plants can't live long without natural (sun)light. In addition, plants like a stable temperature. During the logistic process, the temperature changes several times. After the delivery, a plant always has to acclimatise and get used to its new living environment. After delivery, it is therefore not a good time to return a plant. Returned plants arrive in such a bad state (dried out leaves, yellow leaves and/or broken leafstalks due to dehydration), that they have to be destroyed.

Therefore, plants or a plant terrariums are not allowed to be returned or exchanged.

Products that are, after delivery, because of their nature irrevocably mixed with other products, are also excluded from the legal right of withdrawal and also from Studioplant. Two examples are:

  • Plant terrariums
  • A plant purchased including a decorative pot (a pot-plant combination), for which a total price was charged

Do you return a plant or plant terrarium on your own initiative? Then the purchase amount won't be refunded. Returning products that are legally excluded from the right of withdrawal will be at your own risk.

Cancelling order with plants and/or plant terrariums

After you have completed an order, the order is automatically transferred to the grower. In addition, various logistical processes are set in motion. Did you accidentally order something wrong? Then please contact us immediately. We don't pack the plants and terrariums ourselves, but if you contact us quickly, there is still a small chance that we can cancel the process with our growers and partners.

In most cases, however, it is unfortunately no longer possible to cancel or change the order. Therefore, always contact us as soon as possible.

Refusal of package with plants or plant terrariums

Do you regret your purchase and don't want to accept the package with the plant(s)? Then it is good to know that unfortunately you will not get your purchase amount back. By sending the plants we, Studioplant, have fulfilled our agreement. If you don't accept a package, it will eventually be returned by the delivery company. When refusing a package, a returned plant will always be destroyed.

Example 1: package refused at the door

Have you, for whatever reason, refused the package with the plant at the door? Then the package will be returned, but you won't get the purchase amount back. By sending the plants we, Studioplant, have fulfilled our agreement.

Example 2: package not picked up at collection point

If you're not at home when a delivery attempt is made and the parcel is taken to a collection point, you have a fixed period of time to collect it from the collection point. This period to collect the package can differ per collection point and delivery company. Did you not collect the package within the fixed period? Then the package will be returned, but you will not receive the purchase amount back. By sending the plants we, Studioplant, have fulfilled our agreement.

Returning products other than plants and plant terrariums

Are you disappointed with the products you ordered? Hopefully we can make you happy again soon! You have the right to return products ordered online within 14 days of receipt without giving any reason.

Did you order a decorative pot separately, but is it not quite to your liking? Then of course you can exchange or return it without giving any reason. The same applies to separately ordered accessories such as plant nutrition. Always contact us so we can send you the return instructions. You can contact us via info[at] or by using our contact form.

The costs for returning the products are to be charged to the buyer. When returning or exchanging products, we expect them to be returned in good condition. This means: the products must be returned in a strong packaging with an unused and undamaged product. It is best to use the original packaging for the return. That way we can make someone else happy with the returned product!

Refund of purchase amount

As soon as we have received your return, the purchase amount will be transferred to your account within 14 days. However, in most cases, this happens within a few days. On the refund payment, the name Studioplant or Mollie (payment provider) will be mentioned.

The refund will be completed by the same payment method that is used for the purchase. The refund payment is of course free of charge.