How to care for: Money tree (Pachira aquatica)

If you’re looking for a tree-like plant for your indoor space, you don’t need to look any further. The Pachira Aquatica is the perfect indoor tree, not only for its look but also because this particular plant doesn’t require a lot of care. The Money Tree grows quite tall in the wild, but indoors it stays to a lower height. The leaves are wide and shiny, giving the tree an umbrella effect.

Medium light

Water every 2 weeks


Every month extra nutrition

Non-Toxic to pets

Repot every 2 years

How do you take care of a Pachira?

The best location for Pachira plants

The Pachira likes to be placed in a spot with lots of light. It is best to place the plant in medium bright light. The Pachira prefers a spot next to a window on the west or east. A spot near the south is of course also possible. Make sure that the plant is at least 2 metres away from the window. If a Pachira gets too much sunlight, the leaves will turn yellow.

Watering the Pachira

It is important to let the soil of the Pachira dry before watering again. You can check this with your finger in the soil. It is best to water the Pachira once a week in summer, and once every 2 weeks in winter. Try not to overwater the Pachira as it can’t tolerate waterlogged roots since it’ll cause root rot.


A Pachira that is smaller than 120 centimetres is best repotted every year. We certainly recommend repotting immediately after purchase. An older Pachira that has reached 120 centimetres doesn't need to be repotted every year. With a larger Pachira it is best to repot once every 2 to 3 years. However, the Pachira does like to get a new top layer of soil. This gives the plant new nutrients.

Plant nutrition

To provide an additional boost to your Pachira, you can fertilize it once a month during the growing months. Use food nutrition at only half strength. Don't use plant nutrition during the autumn and winter months. In addition, try not to overfeed your plant, as it tends to boost growth without developing proper crown heads.

Air-purifying function

The Pachira is a light air-purifying plant. The leaf surface of the Pachira gives the plant extra stomata. A Pachira uses these stomata to convert CO2 into oxygen during the day. And that is always good. For you and your home.

Is the Pachira toxic?

Even though the Money Tree is not toxic for humans and animals, this doesn’t mean they should be chewed on.

Diseases and peculiarities

If the air is too dry, the Pachira can suffer from spider mites. To prevent spider mites, it is best to use the plant sprayer once a week. Spider mites are an infection of mites on plants. You can recognise the infection by infected leaves and a kind of cobwebs. If you have come across spider mites, it is best to place the plant outside. Wind and moisture from outside will quickly keep the spider mite away.

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