Indoor plant bundles

Are you not looking for one, but for several indoor plants? Then it’s easier and cheaper to opt for a house plant bundle.

Can't decide? We can help to find a plant for you.

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  • Cactus mix
    Cactus mix
    18 cm Ø9 cm
    €51.00 €45.13
  • Rhipsalis Kokodama mix
    Rhipsalis Kokodama mix
    20 cm Ø15 cm
    €51.00 €45.13
  • Aloe Kokodama plant mix
    Aloe Kokodama plant mix
    25 cm Ø15 cm
    €51.00 €45.13
  • Kokodama plant mix
    Kokodama plant mix
    25 cm Ø15 cm
    €51.00 €45.13
  • Epipremnum Scindapsus Kokodama mix
    Epipremnum Scindapsus Kokodama mix
    25 cm Ø15 cm
    €35.00 €30.97
  • Gift Card
    Gift Card
    €20.00 - €500.00 €20.00
  • 6 Items

    per page
    Set Descending Direction

    Buy an indoor plant bundle

    In order to make it more fun for your bank account as well, we have put together many indoor plant bundles. This way, you can instantly fill your living room, office or any other room with house plants that go well together.

    In addition, it’s also very efficient to give one plant as a gift and keep the other plant for yourself. A great idea for you and the recipient!

    We have put together the following types of plant bundles:

    • Indoor plant duo
    • Indoor plant trio
    • Indoor plant set
    • Indoor plant mix
    • Indoor plant bundle