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Recognize and dissolve root rot immediately

If you water too much, the roots of the plant can no longer extract oxygen from the soil. This will eventually cause the roots to rot. How can you recognize and solve root rot?

Watering indoor plants

Watering. Maybe not something you always feel like, but it’s necessary. Indoor plants need water for their health. Water ensures that the nutrients in the plant can be transported.

Mourning flies: how to get rid of them

Are there small and slow flies flying around your plant pots? Then you are dealing with the persistent phenomenon of mourning flies.

Tips for repotting indoor plants

Plants grow just like people. They grow bigger and simply need a bigger home. You can’t have a toddler put on a baby romper. The same goes for plants.

Which plants are poisonous to cats?

Houseplants are fun to look at, brighten up a space and are good for your health. Still, a plant can be very dangerous for your cat or dog!

Make your own moss pole in 4 steps

For real climbing plants, a moss pole can be useful. Not only will the plant grow faster and higher, but also the leaves the plant produces will grow bigger.

Plants for on the windowsill

A plant on the windowsill avoids prying eyes and is very attractive. In addition to the fact that window sills are not equally wide, not every plant is suitable for a place by the window. Which plants can you put on your windowsill?

How much sunlight does a indoor plant need?

Not all indoor plants need the same amount of sunlight. How do you know what your plant needs? And what kind of light actually enters your house?

Remove mould in a terrarium

If the humidity in a terrariium becomes too high, for example due to hot summer days, the plants can't absorb all the moisture and start to mold. Solving it can be quite a chore, but it's well worth it.

Indoor plant propagation

Do you want to propagate your indoor plant? This can be done easily with our step-by-step plan! Find the right plant and click through for all the instructions.

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