Yucca-Palme (Palmlilie) Pflege

The yucca palm is best described as seductive, adaptable and easy to care for. Thanks to its sword-shaped leaves, it will add a dramatic architectural effect to your garden or home.

In addition to its fascinating beauty, the yucca palm also offers a variety of benefits. Its roots can be used as a remedy for osteoarthritis, intestinal inflammation (colitis), migraines, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, stomach problems, liver and gall bladder diseases and diabetes.

Wächst am besten bei mittlerem Licht bis Halbschatten. Kann die volle Sonne nicht ertragen

Benötigt Wasser alle 3 Monate. Im Sommer einmal im Monat


Einmal pro Monat Pflanzenernährung


Alle 3 Jahre umtopfen

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