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Our webshop Studioplant started as the graduation product of founder Danique. When she went to live together with her boyfriend, she discovered how difficult it can be to keep plants alive. And not only that, also the search for the perfect plant was harder than she thought. Therefore, Studioplant is here to make your relationship with plants easier.

We are at your service every day to meet your needs. Looking for an indoor plant? Or a terrarium? Take a look at our collection! Not looking for a plant, but interested in information? We are also happy to answer these needs.

Taking care of indoor plants can be quite difficult. Just think of root rot, mourning flies or yellow leaves. We know all about it! We try to help you by writin. From blogs full of tips, inspiration and useful facts to informative blogs about how to propagate an indoor plant.

Let's go international!

We deliver in the following countries:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • France
  • Luxembourg
  • Austria

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Recent blogs

Need advice and inspiration, or just information on plant care?

Mourning flies: how to get rid of them

Are there small and slow flies flying around your plant pots? Then you are dealing with the persistent phenomenon of mourning flies.

Recognize and dissolve root rot immediately

If you water too much, the roots of the plant can no longer extract oxygen from the soil. This will eventually cause the roots to rot. How can you recognize and solve root rot?

How much sunlight does a indoor plant need?

Not all indoor plants need the same amount of sunlight. How do you know what your plant needs? And what kind of light actually enters your house?