Bedroom plants

Plants provide a cosy bedroom. Thanks to their air-purifying function, indoor plants contribute to cleaner air. Attributes you can certainly use in the bedroom!

Advantages of plants in the bedroom

Unlike the bathroom, in the bedroom it is often necessary to mist plants occasionally. This is because the humidity is naturally not that high in the bedroom. Some plants prefer high humidity and can be a calming addition to any bedroom decor.

Besides the aesthetic aspect, bedroom plants contribute to the overall atmosphere, higher humidity and can promote a sense of well-being. Thus, plants become a valuable addition to the ambience of the bedroom.

Which type of plants are best for a bedroom?

It has been factually proven that plants purify the air. But how well they can actually purify indoor spaces remains to be seen. Despite the fact that the air-purifying function of plants isn't enough, plants in the bedroom are certainly a good addition. A large indoor plant as an eye-catcher in the corner of the bedroom, a terrarium or a few hanging plants above the bedside tables. By adding large or small indoor plants, you can easily create an attractive bedroom.

Top 10 bedroom plants

We've put together a list of the best bedroom plants:

  1. Pineapple plant
  2. Rubber plant
  3. Kentia palm
  4. Bird of Paradise
  5. Alocasia
  6. Pothos
  7. Snake plant
  8. Banana plant
  9. Aglaonema
  10. Dieffenbachia

Which plants are best for a cold bedroom?

For a good night's sleep, it’s important that a bedroom is colder than the living room. But as soon as a bedroom gets colder than 15 degrees, it can be tough for some indoor plants to survive. Especially if the temperature drops even lower!

The following 5 bedroom plants can easily withstand colder temperatures:

  1. Kentia palm
  2. ZZ-plant
  3. Succulent
  4. Snake plant
  5. Yucca

Popular bedroom plants

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