Trailing & Hanging plants

If you’re not fond of a regular indoor plant in a flowerpot, then a trailing or hanging plant is a perfect alternative. You can hang a trailing plant in every corner. There is even room for a hanging plant in the smallest of spaces!
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  • Cissus Ellen Danica
    Cissus Ellen Danica
    50 cm Ø17 cm
    €41.00 €37.61
  • Tradescantia Green Hill
    Tradescantia Green Hill
    35 cm Ø17 cm
    €40.00 €36.70
  • Tradescantia Brown Hill
    Tradescantia Brown Hill
    45 cm Ø17 cm
    €40.00 €36.70
  • Tradescantia Ivory Hill
    Tradescantia Ivory Hill
    35 cm Ø17 cm
    €40.00 €36.70
  • Tradescantia Zebrina Kokodama
    Tradescantia Zebrina Kokodama
    25 cm Ø15 cm
    €35.00 €32.11
  • Sedum Tornado Kokodama
    Sedum Tornado Kokodama
    20 cm Ø15 cm
    €35.00 €32.11
  • Pilea Peperomioides Kokodama
    Pilea Peperomioides Kokodama
    20 cm Ø17 cm
    €44.00 €40.37
  • Hedera Helix Wonder
    Hedera Helix Wonder
    55 cm Ø24 cm
    €40.00 €36.70
  • Platycerium Bifurcatum Kokodama
    Platycerium Bifurcatum Kokodama
    40 cm Ø25 cm
    €52.00 €47.71
  • Chlorophytum Ocean Kokodama
    Chlorophytum Ocean Kokodama
    20 cm Ø15 cm
    €35.00 €32.11
  • Platycerium Bifurcatum
    Platycerium Bifurcatum
    35 cm Ø17 cm
    €40.00 €36.70
  • Syngonium Red Arrow
    Syngonium Red Arrow
    30 cm Ø15 cm
    €37.00 €33.94
  • Chlorophytum Bonnie
    Chlorophytum Bonnie
    40 cm Ø17 cm
    €37.00 €33.94
  • Nephrolepis Exaltata
    Nephrolepis Exaltata
    40 cm Ø17 cm
    €37.00 €33.94
  • Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Kokodama
    Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Kokodama
    30 cm Ø17 cm
    €44.00 €40.37
  • Humata Tyermannii
    Humata Tyermannii
    30 cm Ø17 cm
    €39.00 €35.78
  • Phlebodium aureum Blue Star
    Phlebodium aureum Blue Star
    40 cm Ø17 cm
    €37.00 €33.94
  • Asparagus Densiflorus Sprengeri
    Asparagus Densiflorus Sprengeri
    30 cm Ø17 cm
    €37.00 €33.94
  • Kokodama plant mix
    Kokodama plant mix
    25 cm Ø15 cm
    €53.00 €48.62
  • Rhipsalis Kokodama mix
    Rhipsalis Kokodama mix
    20 cm Ø15 cm
    €53.00 €48.62
  • Ceropegia woodii Kokodama
    Ceropegia woodii Kokodama
    25 cm Ø12 cm
    €32.00 €29.36
  • Aloe Kokodama plant mix
    Aloe Kokodama plant mix
    25 cm Ø15 cm
    €53.00 €48.62
  • Scindapsus Pictus N'joy
    Scindapsus Pictus N'joy
    35 cm Ø15 cm
    €36.00 €33.03
  • Rhipsalis Elliptica
    Rhipsalis Elliptica
    35 cm Ø17 cm
    €40.00 €36.70
  • Gift Card
    Gift Card
    €20.00 - €500.00 €20.00
  • 25 Items

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    Where to hang indoor plants?

    No matter how big your house or office is, a hanging plant will always fit in. Hanging plants add an extra dimension to your space. For example, you could hang the house plant on a shelf, use a hook on the wall or hang it on a curtain rod.

    In general, it's possible to use any plant species as hanging plants. However, there are some plant species which look better from above. Plants which are suitable as hanging plants usually have long stems which grow lengthwise downwards.

    How to water trailing plants?

    When you hang a trailing plant, keep in mind that you should still be able to water it. Trailing plants need water just like any other house plant. If you can't easily reach a hanging plant, it's wise to water it using a small ladder.

    It's best to water hanging plants from the side, rather than on top of their leaves. This prevents leaf loss. Besides, watering on top of their leaves can cause unsightly and brown leaves. That would be a shame!

    Top 10 popular indoor hanging plants

    Can't choose from our hanging plants? Then take a look at our favourite hanging plants.

    1. Lipstick plant
    2. String of hearts
    3. Spider plant
    4. Chinese money plant
    5. Hedera helix Wonder
    6. Fern
    7. Devil's Ivy
    8. Tradescantia Zebrina
    9. Peperomia
    10. Succulent