Plant terrariums

If you are a plant lover with slightly less green fingers, a plant terrarium is the one for you. Your own mini jungle without caring for it daily or even weekly.

Can't decide? We can help to find a plant for you.

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  • Ficus Ginseng Milky Terrarium
    Ficus Ginseng Milky Terrarium
    30 cm Ø21 cm
    €62.95 €52.02
  • Bushy Terrarium
    Bushy Terrarium
    25 cm Ø23 cm
    €36.95 €33.90
  • Sprightly Luminous Terrarium
    Sprightly Luminous Terrarium
    25 cm Ø23 cm
    €40.45 €37.11
  • Ficus Ginseng Reversed Terrarium
    Ficus Ginseng Reversed Terrarium
    28 cm Ø18 cm
    €43.95 €36.32
  • Botanical Luminous Terrarium
    Botanical Luminous Terrarium
    25 cm Ø23 cm
    €40.45 €37.11
  • Bushy Luminous Terrarium
    Bushy Luminous Terrarium
    25 cm Ø23 cm
    €40.45 €37.11
  • Items 49-54 of 54

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    What is a plant terrarium?

    A plant terrarium, also known as a bottle garden, is a closed environment. In the ecosystem, different organisms form a unity. The plants extract nutrients, such as moisture, from the existing environment. A closed terrarium is therefore independent!

    Well, sometimes it's good to do some maintenance on your terrarium. Do you see that there is a lot of condensation on the glassware? Then allow the glass terrarium to air for 24 hours, so that the condensation reduces. If a terrarium has a lot of condensation, this is usually caused by too much light or a room that is too warm. Therefore, never position a plant terrarium at a location with a lot of direct sunlight. Indirect sunlight is the perfect location for a terrarium.

    Synonyms and nicknames for a plant terrarium

    Do you want to buy a do-it-yourself (DIY) terrarium? You should know that a plant terrarium can be known by several synonyms and nicknames.

    • DIY plant terrarium
    • Moss terrarium
    • Closed terrarium
    • Bottle terrarium
    • Terrarium with plants
    • Plant ecosystem
    • Jar terrarium
    • Ecosystem in a jar
    • Glass plant terrarium
    • Terrarium ecosystem
    • Mini ecosystem
    • Mini terrarium
    • Do it yourself terrarium
    • Bottle garden
    • Plants in a bottle
    • Self-sustaining ecosystem
    • Self-sustaining terrarium

    How to make a closed terrarium?

    Making a terrarium isn't only easy, but also fun! The only supplies you need are a glass vase, a jar or a closable glass pot. When you buy a closed terrarium at Studioplant, it comes as a do-it-yourself (DIY) starter kit.

    How to look after a terrarium?

    You don't need to take care of a closed plant terrarium on a daily basis. The reason for this is that opening a closed terrarium may disturb the situation in the terrarium. Because air suddenly enters the terrarium ecosystem, the humidity will be reduced.

    Nevertheless, it’s good to keep an eye on the condensation in your plant terrarium. The amount of condensation says a lot about the situation in the terrarium. Too much and too little condensation are both not good signs. Read more about the care of a terrarium.

    Which plants are suitable for a closed terrarium?

    Since the environment in a terrarium ecosystem is always humid, it's best to add tropical plants. These plants can withstand high humidity and often have few requirements.

    We recommend the following plants for a closed terrarium:

    • Ferns like the Phlebodium
    • Calathea
    • Spider plant
    • Begonia
    • Syngonium Neon Robusta
    • Peace Lily
    • Carnivorous plants

    All these plants are used to high humidity and can live without additional nutrition.

    Which components shouldn’t be forgotten in a plant terrarium?

    The following items should not be forgotten in a plant terrarium:

    • Glass, vase or jar with lid or cork
    • Tropical plants
    • Potting soil
    • Hydro grains
    • Activated charcoal
    • Moss
    • Optional: decorative stones, a lamp