How to propagate: Peperomia

The Peperomia consists of a family of no less than 500 family members. The Peperomia loves a little neglect from time to time! Propagating the Peperomia is almost as easy as taking care of the plant. Just a few supplies and within a few weeks root growth can be seen. Ideal for such a plant.


  • Peperomia
  • Scissors or knife
  • Disinfectant
  • Plastic bag
  • Decorative pot with fresh potting soil

Propagating a Peperomia in 4 steps

Step 1: Disinfect

First clean the knife you might be using.

Keep the knife under hot water and clean them well. This prevents you from unnecessarily transferring bacteria during the propagation.

Do you happen to have disinfectant or pure alcohol? Disinfect the tools after using hot water. Let's get away with those bacteria and fungi!

Step 2: Take cuttings

All you have to do is cut the leaf just below the stem.

How many cuttings is entirely up to you! Whether you want one or more cuttings. Grab your knife and carefully cut the leaf loose from the plant.

Step 3: Repot the cuttings

Peperomia is best rooted directly in the soil. Insert the stem tip just below the ground, so that the cuttings can grow roots from it.

It is best to place the cutting under a plastic bag. You can take the plastic bag over the cutting and attach it to the flowerpot. This ensures optimal humidity.

Step 4: Taking care of the cutting

You’d better leave the plastic bag until the cutting has formed roots. Keep a close eye on the bottom of the cutting. It is important to keep the humidity at a good level.

After about two weeks the cutting should be rooted.

As soon as you see that new leaf growth is coming, you can remove the plastic bag from the cutting.

We do recommend keeping the soil moist during the first months.

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